[Libreoffice-ux-advise] new range name dialog proposal

Christoph Noack christoph at dogmatux.com
Tue Nov 8 13:24:40 PST 2011

Hi Astron, Markus, all!

I feel like a lame duck at the moment, just too much to do in my day
job ... thank you both so much for you patience. So, I'll try to answer
you questions / remarks on the last proposal I've made.

Am Montag, den 07.11.2011, 14:59 +0100 schrieb Astron:
> Hi Christoph, everyone else,
> > Astron: Could you please have a look as well?


> The mock-up looks good, mostly. Except for going for a wider Manage
> Names... dialogue I woludn't have done it much different.
> The few things I still question are:
> * Add should really be paired with Remove, not with Delete.

Ah, yes, you already wrote that some time ago ... I don't know why I
missed to update the mockup. Done.

> * If we have a separate dialogue for Paste again, do we need the
> "Select range" button?

I hope my description is okay, because these two functions are
independent to me. The "Select Range" button simply selects the cell
range like the Navigator or the Name Box would have done. If people
"manage" the names, I simply assumed they will need that functionality
because it really helps to do (visually) quick checks of the entries.

> * Do we (now that it's all modal) really need a separate Define Names dialogue?

I think it is still helpful to have such a dialog. For two reasons:
      * it is much smaller than the Manage Names dialog, so it needs
        less screen space when defining a name (e.g. for people who
        don't like / know the name box)
      * it just needs 2 clicks calling the dialog - for the Manage Names
        dialog it would be 3 clicks and some more mouse movement 

> It is still miles better than the old dialogue, so go for it.

Thanks ... and as Markus said, I'm happy to help with further
refinements after our first "good" solution. Thanks a lot for your input
Astron, it is just fantastic to have you around!


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