cvt modeline generator

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Sat Jan 7 06:13:01 PST 2006


I am wondering if the cvt modeline generator is still not slightly

I've just stumbled on page 55 of this manual :

which lists the standard frequencies and pixel clocks a video projector

For example for 750*576 at 50 (SDTV, basically the mode you find on PAL
DVDs) this document states:
hsync: 31,25 kHz, field rate: 50 Hz, pclk: 27 MHz

And the CVT generator will output:               
hsync: 29.58 kHz, field rate: 49.62 Hz, pclk: 26.50 MHz

Which seems a lot less sane to me.

Am I missing something ?

Nicolas Mailhot
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