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On Dec 11, 2007 4:41 PM, Christoph Brill <egore at gmx.de> wrote:

> Am Dienstag, den 11.12.2007, 16:32 -0500 schrieb Jon Grosshart:
> > Greets all. I'm interested in whipping this page into shape.
> >
> > http://wiki.x.org/wiki/Releases/ModuleVersions
> >
> > It hasn't been updated for 7.3 and if you compare what IS listed
> > there, it doesn't jive with what tarballs can be found at:
> >
> > hxxp://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/X11R7.{1,2}
> >
> > For instance, xf86-video-wsfb... What's up with this guy? It's listed
> > as a part of 7.2 on the wiki but is no where to be found in
> > http://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/X11R7.2/src/driver/ . It's not
> > even in everything/. So either someone forgot to upload it to the
> > driver/ directory or the wiki is wrong. It is in individual/ but that
> > doesn't do anyone any good. I'm seeing MANY discrepancies like this
> > and want to fix them. I have no control over mistakes on the download
> > server but can fix the wiki.
> >
> > So.. this leads me to ask, where is THE definitive source for
> > determining what modules are supposed to be included with what release
> > versions? Thus far, with the switch to modular X, I've been solely
> > relying on proper tarball documentation and uploading to
> > hxxp://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/$VERSION/src/ which doesn't
> > appear to be happening 100% of the time.
> >
> > On a related note, I'm not sure what's up with xf86-video-i810 in
> > 7.3... If it was dropped or possibly even merged with
> > xf86-video-intel, then why isn't it listed in
> > http://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/X11R7.3/src/deprecated/ ?
> >
> > I haven't enough time to subscribe to the mailing list and keep up on
> > every aspect of Xorg development in order to know what is going on
> > with every module in every release. That would be insane IMO.
> >
> > Excuse me if I'm overlooking the obvious on how to determine module
> > versions that are supposed to be matched with release versions.
> > Someone previously told me on this list it wasn't exactly rocket
> > science, but I beg to differ. The apparent discrepancies on the
> > freedesktop server are frustrating to say the least. Months ago, I
> > found a driver module listed in another directory entirely; lib maybe
> > (which I posted about here and the module was eventually removed).
> >
> > If checking the release directories is indeed the proper way to go
> > about getting the correct source for an Xorg build (I don't use git at
> > all), then we really need some consistency in that regard as far as
> > organization and documentation on the official release download
> > server. Once that happens, updating the wiki should be relatively
> > painless and will provide an accurate list of what is included with
> > each release version.
> >
> > Jon
> Wouldn't it make sense to autogenerate this page? One could write a
> simple PHP/Perl/Python/SH/whatever script to generate this page on the
> fly or at release time. This way noone would have to keep this page up
> to date (which IMO is just a huge amout of useless work since most
> packages just jump into http://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/ and grab
> all the exciting stuff from there).
It would, and that's exactly what I do on my own end, but without something
to refer to, where do you pull your info from? Therin lies the problem.

I have a script that auto generates a list of packages and their version
numbers intended for whatever $VERSION I specify, but it keeps breaking at
worst and is inaccurate at best due to the lack of organization on the
download server (that's where I get my info from :-).

Saying that the wiki page is useless is rubbish. Proper documentation is key
to understanding what is going on. IMO, that's probably THE MOST IMPORTANT
page on the wiki... :-) So again... If the wiki is wrong and/or individual
developers 'forget' to upload their tarball to the server, where do you
start? Who do you believe? I'm certainly not psychic and as I've stated, I
don't have the time to know what's going on at all times with hundreds of

Ultimately, the wiki is unimportant, yes... I rely on what is listed on the
release download server when I build and package Xorg. What I'm really
pushing for is 100% accuracy with the releases/X11R7.?/src/ directories.
Refer to xf86-video-i810 comment in my first post.

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