[Accessibility] support for speech recognition in X and free desktops

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Wed Mar 8 06:28:33 PST 2006

I guess maybe an alternative question might be if there are plans for  
the GPL-compatible Java implementations to better support the various  
specifications.  In other words, I'm not aware of anything us  
Sphinx-4 developers did to go out of our way to use any proprietary  
Sun-only things in the JDK (or if there even are such things that we  
could have used).

Sun spent a lot of money and time, as did other organizations such as  
Mitsubishi, to give the world a free speech recognition engine under  
a BSD-style license (i.e., read "BSD is freer than GPL").  Qualifying  
the engine on all flavors of the Java platform was not one of our  
goals.  Instead, we focused on developing a free, open, flexible  
platform for speech recognition research and application  
development.  With the exception of the JDK available for Mac OS X,  
I've not tried running Sphinx-4 on any other Java platform  
distribution other than the Sun JDK.

I'm assuming from your statement that you've tried using Sphinx-4  
with something like gcj and that you have useful, productive  
information about what is not working - please share that!  As a  
means to help get the ball rolling for you and others to share  
constructive ways to move forward, I've started a "Sphinx-4 on Kaffe,  
GCJ, etc." thread on the Sphinx-4 forum:


Please respond to this new Sphinx-4 forum thread to help provide a  
positive focus of time and energy in this direction.



On Mar 8, 2006, at 8:04 AM, Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:

> [ Willie Walker ]
>> Some work has been done in this space, but certainly a lot more can
>> be done for Linux.
> Are there any plans by SUN to make cmusphinx work with GPL- 
> compatible Java
> implementations? Otherwise Linux integration is very unlikely to  
> happen for
> license reasons.
> Olaf
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