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NCOSS-09: National Conference on Open Source Software May 25th - 26th, 2009, Mumbai, India
 Organized by C-DAC, Mumbai   Supported by   IEEE Computer Society, Mumbai and Chennai chapters 
Computer Society of India, Div II on Software & SIG-OSS     * * *   CALL FOR PAPERS   * * *   

NCOSS - 2009 is being
conceived of as a forum to bring together the various groups working on
developing Open Source Applications catering to specific domains in the
ICT world, including education, health, accessibility, localisation,
e-commerce, disaster management, expert systems, machine learning, etc.
A number of high quality software solutions are available in many of
these areas, for example, SugarCRM, Koha, Drupal, Moodle, Sahana,
CollabCAD, etc. Work on these systems require a combination of domain
knowledge and development expertise. Much of the public awareness in
open source is focussed on desktop, operating system and general
productivity tools. With this background, NCOSS-09 has chosen to focus
on the layer above this, bringing together groups working on various
application domains.
conference will present experiences in deploying FOSS applications,
comparative studies among competing software solutions, efforts in
adapting and localising FOSS applications, development of new
applications, etc. The conference will consist of the following:
 Invited talks by experts 	from India and abroad  	 	Presentation of contributed 	papers selected based on refereeing by a panel of referees  	
 	Exhibition by industry and 	academia  	 	Pre conference Tutorials (on 	May 24th ) 		
 	Panel discussion  	   Papers
are invited on the topics listed below. All papers will be subject to
external refereeing and acceptance will be subject to referee
evaluation. Accepted papers will be published in the conference
proceedings. We also invite proposals for tutorials.
 *** TOPICS *** Other application areas may also be considered.  	 	 	
 		 			Accessibility 		 		 			Machine Learning and Data 			Mining 		 	 	
 		 			Indian Language Computing  			 		 		 			e-Health 		 	 	
 		 			Localisation 		 		 			Knowledge Management 		 	 	
 		 			e-Learning 		 		 			Collaboration Technologies 		 	 	
 		 			Information Extraction and 			Retrieval 		 		 			Content Management 		
 	 	 		 			Disaster Management  			 		 		 			e-Commerce 		

  *** INSTRUCTIONS *** Papers
must report original work carried out by the authors. The work can
include enhancing existing Open Source applications for specific
requirements, development of new solutions and comparative analysis of
competing solutions. Direct survey or overview papers are not
 	Length 	should not exceed 10 pages of A4 size in length (approx. 5000 words) 	including figures, etc.  	 	
Papers 	should be in English.  	 	An
abstract of about 100-200 words and the area(s) under which the paper
can be categorized, must be included with the paper. 
exceeding the specified length are subject to rejection without review.
Since reviewing will be blind, the author names and affiliations along
with the main area of the paper should be given only on a separate
cover sheet. Papers should be in one of the following formats: PDF, RTF
or ODT. 
 Papers may be submitted via the web at the URL http://ncoss.cdacmumbai.in.A
template paper is also made available at the URL for formatting
reference. Those who are unable to make electronic submissions may send
four copies of the paper to the address listed below.
 *** PROGRAMME COMMITTEE ***- Hide quoted text -  	 	 	 		 			
Ramakrishnan S., C-DAC, Pune 			(chair) 		 		 			Chakravarti A. K, DIT, Delhi 		 	 	 		 			
Zia Saquib, C-DAC, Mumbai 		 		 			Sivakumar G, IIT, Mumbai 		 	 	 		 			
Sasikumar M, C-DAC, Mumbai 		 		 			Venkatesh Hariharan, RedHat, 			Mumbai  			 		 	 	 		 			
Mohan H R, The Hindu, 			Chennai 		 		 			Rishab Aiyer 			Ghosh,UNU-MERIT, Netherlands 		 	 	 		 			
Krishnan C N, AU-KBC, 			Chennai  			 		 		 			Gora Mohanty, Sarai, Delhi  			 		 	 	 		 			
Rajagopal M R, C-DAC, 			Chennai 		 		 			Dravida Seetharam, IBM, 			Bangalore 		 	    
(This list is partial)     * * *   IMPORTANT DATES   * * *   
 	 		 			Submission of papers 		 		 			February 15, 2009 		
 	 	 		 			Acceptance intimation 		 		 			March 15, 2009 		
 	 	 		 			Camera ready due 		 		 			April 15, 2009 		 	
 	 		 			Tutorial Proposals due 		 		 			March 15, 2009 		 	
 	 		 			Tutorial Acceptance 			intimation 		 		 			April 15, 2009
 		 	      * * *   CONTACT DETAILS   * * *       Address : NCOSS Conference Secretariat
 CDAC-Mumbai (formerly NCST), Rain Tree Marg, Sector-7,   Near Bharti Vidyapeeth, Opp. Kharghar Railway Station, CBD Belapur,   Navi Mumbai - 400614
 Maharashtra, India   E-mail: ncoss at cdacmumbai.in Web: http://ncoss.cdacmumbai.in
 Ph.: +91 - 22 - 27565303
Fax: +91 - 22 - 27560004 (on request)     
With warm regards, NCOSS team

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