SDMA out-of-bounds write access of tiled surface

Mads mads at
Mon Jul 11 21:52:02 UTC 2016

Yes, also with 5.7 the corruption appears if I start /usr/bin/konsole or 
/usr/bin/dolphin (and I guess it will be apparent with more 
applications, if you want I could test some more). Although, I have no 
trouble using chromium or steam, playing all sorts of games. As you can 
see if you look through the thread, it might be reason to believe that 
plasmashell itself might be the culprit sending the data that corrupts 
the screen.

- Mads

On 2016-07-11 23:42, Marek Olšák wrote:

> Can you see any corruption or is there just the message in dmesg? (It
> might just be a page directory fetch and not a memory access)
> Marek

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