Minor amdgpu clean ups on top of 4.7rc7 (V.3)

Edward O'Callaghan funfunctor at folklore1984.net
Tue Jul 12 00:17:50 UTC 2016

This series are just minor cleanup patches, the first 3 are trival.
This series applies on top of 4.7rc7 and should not make any direct
functional changes.

V.2 of this series picks up a couple of other cases that I missed
and dropping the 'drivers/amdgpu: Trim down some unnecessary braces'
patch for now.

V.3 of this series drops the NAK'ed patch 4 from V.2 and removes a
few useless parentheses in patch 6 of this series as requested.
Also rebased on rc7 now.

Please review,

Edward O'Callaghan (7):

  [PATCH 1/7] drivers/amdgpu: Remove spurious semicolons
  [PATCH 2/7] drivers/amdgpu: Use 'true/false' for bool typed variables
  [PATCH 3/7] drivers/amdgpu: Use canonical form in branch predicates
  [PATCH 4/7] drivers/amdgpu: Remove redundant NULL check before
  [PATCH 5/7] drivers/amdgpu: Remove redundant casts on kzalloc() calls
  [PATCH 6/7] drivers/amdgpu: Use canonical boolean form in various
  [PATCH 7/7] drivers/amdgpu: Remove redundant itermediate return val

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