AMD WX7100 screen display problem on AArch64 architecture server.

Michel Dänzer michel at
Wed Dec 13 09:59:30 UTC 2017

On 2017-12-13 08:14 AM, Lvzhihong (ReJohn) wrote:
> Hi,
>        We met a problem on ubuntu17.10 for arm server with amdgpu(AMD
> RADEON PRO WX7100),  we use open source driver which are integrated in
> ubuntu17.10. And the architecture is AArch64-linux-gnu.
>          we install :
>              apt-get install xserver-xorg xinit xfce4 and mesa-utils glmark2
>          we start x server :
>               startx
>          and then the monitor shows the screen and the screen is
> blurred( something wrong).
> cid:image001.jpg at 01D37422.3B3670D0
>          And I have tried some opengl applications, the output has same
> problem.(something is missing or  in the wrong place.)
>          But in a x86_64 architecture server, with same OS. The screen
> output is normal. (I check xorg\DDX\mesa\libdrm etc.all the versions are
> the same with aarch64 server.)
> What I have done:
>          1、I upgrade kernel to 4.15-rc2 ,upgrade DRM to 3.23,upgrade
> DDX to 1.40,upgrade mesa to 17.2.6, but the problem still exist.
>          2、I enable ‘shadowprimary’ option,*the screen output became
> normal*, but the*performance drop quickly*——glxgears drop from 4800fps
> to 600fps, glmark drop from 4300 score to 730 score.

With ShadowPrimary enabled, all normal X11 drawing is performed by the
CPU, not the GPU.

Does enabling ShadowPrimary also make OpenGL applications look correct?
If not, it's most likely a Mesa or maybe LLVM issue.

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