[RFC]: More robust build sys for UMR

Edward O'Callaghan funfunctor at folklore1984.net
Sun Feb 5 04:59:05 UTC 2017

Keeping with the tradition of changing the build system on initial
release, here we go again.. This follow series introduces the cmake
build system that is intended to be a little more robust across
various distros and presumably the BSD's also. The installation
prefix is configurable in the usual cmake way:

Please kindly review,

Edward O'Callaghan (4):
 [PATCH 1/4] cmake_modules: Add libpciaccess finder
 [PATCH 2/4] cmake: Initial build system
 [PATCH 3/4] README: minor update for cmake buildsys
 [PATCH 4/4] drop orginal Makefile && stub bin/ directory

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