[RFC]: More robust build sys for UMR

Edward O'Callaghan funfunctor at folklore1984.net
Sun Feb 5 13:29:42 UTC 2017

On 02/05/2017 10:42 PM, StDenis, Tom wrote:
> Hi Edward,

Hey Tom,

> Well the patches apply and work but I'm not really sure what problem
> it's meant to solve 😊.  Building previously was actually simpler with

So the idea here was to implement something a little more robust and
extensible. For example with a couple of extra lines cmake can produce
rpm's, deb's and tar's too as build by-products. I can add this
functionality if you wish? Additionally another couple of lines a unit
tests could be hooked in if that is useful?

Fundamentally the idea was to have a "proper" build system that can
be extensible enough not to get in the way while the community
elaborates on UMR some more with additional features. I was thinking
about looking at unifying other peoples radeon debug/re tooling together
into UMR to be the one-stop tool as my Sunday afternoon weekend project
you see :) .

> "make" as opposed to "mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make".

I just added that step because its nice to build out of tree, you don't
have to.

> On a BSD system (where this wouldn't really work without the
> corresponding debugfs entries) gmake could be used to build it provided
> ncurses/pciaccess were around.

Well in truth I didn't test on the BSD's yet, however it helps give some
a good foundation so they could port it should they wish. I am assuming
so since they seem to be updating their graphics stack these days.

> If this legitimately makes it more stable to build on Linux systems then
> I'm all for it.  Can anyone elaborate on where the simple make system
> would fail?

Well I hope so, that's why I RFC it. I expect this to work out the box
on all distributions right off the bat and I would be interested in
feedback for that.

> (I'm not saying NAK I'm simply asking for my own edification).

Sure sure, this only took me a hour to put together because of _my_ itch
so don't stress.

> Thanks,
> Tom

Kind Regards,

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> *Subject:* [RFC]: More robust build sys for UMR
> Keeping with the tradition of changing the build system on initial
> release, here we go again.. This follow series introduces the cmake
> build system that is intended to be a little more robust across
> various distros and presumably the BSD's also. The installation
> prefix is configurable in the usual cmake way:
>  `cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr ..`
> Please kindly review,
> Edward O'Callaghan (4):
>  [PATCH 1/4] cmake_modules: Add libpciaccess finder
>  [PATCH 2/4] cmake: Initial build system
>  [PATCH 3/4] README: minor update for cmake buildsys
>  [PATCH 4/4] drop orginal Makefile && stub bin/ directory

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