[RFC]: More robust build sys for UMR

StDenis, Tom Tom.StDenis at amd.com
Sun Feb 5 17:28:01 UTC 2017

Hi Andres,

Thanks for the feedback.  I've decided to push Edward's patches to master since it's in the projects best interest to minimize build/package friction going forward.

Of course now I have to rebase our NPI branches internally since they're based on the older makefile ...  That's more of an AMD problem though.

If someone could review my patch that detects the libdrm path I'd like to get that in sooner than later so the package is more buildable by time people get to work on Monday :-)


From: Andres Rodriguez <andresx7 at gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, February 5, 2017 11:11
To: StDenis, Tom; Edward O'Callaghan; amd-gfx at lists.freedesktop.org
Subject: Re: [RFC]: More robust build sys for UMR

Hey Tom,

It's great to see umr make it to the public. I've given it a quick spin
and it is pretty awesome, although I don't have much time this weekend
to play with it.

Wanted to weigh in my 2c regarding cmake.

Some of the things I like about cmake:

  * Compatible with out of tree builds by default
     - Super simple *guaranteed* make clean equivalent with rm -f build/
     - Simple gitignore files
     - Both of these reasons result in sidestepping some common and very
       annoying bugs in makefiles
  * Easy packaging for release with cpack
  * Removes a lot of the boilerplate (specially for libraries)
  * Good compatibility across distros
    - Without a lot of the "horrible" things from automake
  * There is a good community around cmake that has some cool modules
    available for it

Some of the things I don't like about cmake:

  * The syntax is horrible
  * I think ctest is overly complicated compared to other frameworks like
    - Doing basic things like attaching a debugger are not

Weighing the above I tend to side on pro-cmake.

Again, thanks for the work on the great tool. I might have a bit more
feedback once I start using it more heavily next week.


On 2/5/2017 9:52 AM, StDenis, Tom wrote:
> Hi Edward,
> Sounds good to me.  I'm sure our build-team folks would actually be in
> favour of something that could help make deb/rpm packages.
> I typically only run Fedora and Ubuntu so if others who run
> Arch/Gentoo/SUSE/etc want to weigh in that'd be appreciated.  If nobody
> raises any objections I'll RB your series and push them to master
> sometime tomorrow.
> By all means if you want to add other debug features go for it.  Keep in
> mind it already captures features from things like radeontop and setreg
> type tools 😊
> One of the open issues right now is the VM decoding in the read_vram()
> functionality (specifically when using follow_ib).  It's hard to
> instrument a test of that since VM addresses are live and ever chaotic
> but I've yet to see a successful IB read back.
> Tom
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> *From:* Edward O'Callaghan <funfunctor at folklore1984.net>
> *Sent:* Sunday, February 5, 2017 08:29
> *To:* StDenis, Tom; amd-gfx at lists.freedesktop.org
> *Subject:* Re: [RFC]: More robust build sys for UMR
> On 02/05/2017 10:42 PM, StDenis, Tom wrote:
>> Hi Edward,
> Hey Tom,
>> Well the patches apply and work but I'm not really sure what problem
>> it's meant to solve 😊.  Building previously was actually simpler with
> So the idea here was to implement something a little more robust and
> extensible. For example with a couple of extra lines cmake can produce
> rpm's, deb's and tar's too as build by-products. I can add this
> functionality if you wish? Additionally another couple of lines a unit
> tests could be hooked in if that is useful?
> Fundamentally the idea was to have a "proper" build system that can
> be extensible enough not to get in the way while the community
> elaborates on UMR some more with additional features. I was thinking
> about looking at unifying other peoples radeon debug/re tooling together
> into UMR to be the one-stop tool as my Sunday afternoon weekend project
> you see :) .
>> "make" as opposed to "mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make".
> I just added that step because its nice to build out of tree, you don't
> have to.
>> On a BSD system (where this wouldn't really work without the
>> corresponding debugfs entries) gmake could be used to build it provided
>> ncurses/pciaccess were around.
> Well in truth I didn't test on the BSD's yet, however it helps give some
> a good foundation so they could port it should they wish. I am assuming
> so since they seem to be updating their graphics stack these days.
>> If this legitimately makes it more stable to build on Linux systems then
>> I'm all for it.  Can anyone elaborate on where the simple make system
>> would fail?
> Well I hope so, that's why I RFC it. I expect this to work out the box
> on all distributions right off the bat and I would be interested in
> feedback for that.
>> (I'm not saying NAK I'm simply asking for my own edification).
> Sure sure, this only took me a hour to put together because of _my_ itch
> so don't stress.
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
> Kind Regards,
> Edward.
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>> *From:* Edward O'Callaghan <funfunctor at folklore1984.net>
>> *Sent:* Saturday, February 4, 2017 23:59
>> *To:* amd-gfx at lists.freedesktop.org
>> *Cc:* StDenis, Tom
>> *Subject:* [RFC]: More robust build sys for UMR
>> Keeping with the tradition of changing the build system on initial
>> release, here we go again.. This follow series introduces the cmake
>> build system that is intended to be a little more robust across
>> various distros and presumably the BSD's also. The installation
>> prefix is configurable in the usual cmake way:
>>  `cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr ..`
>> Please kindly review,
>> Edward O'Callaghan (4):
>>  [PATCH 1/4] cmake_modules: Add libpciaccess finder
>>  [PATCH 2/4] cmake: Initial build system
>>  [PATCH 3/4] README: minor update for cmake buildsys
>>  [PATCH 4/4] drop orginal Makefile && stub bin/ directory
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