PRT support for amdgpu v3

Christian König deathsimple at
Thu Feb 9 15:55:51 UTC 2017

Am 09.02.2017 um 11:11 schrieb Nicolai Hähnle:
> On 08.02.2017 16:04, Christian König wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> ok I finally found time to write an unit test for this and hammered 
>> out the last few bugs.
>> Seems to work fine on my Tonga now. Please note that this set is 
>> based on "fix race in GEM VA map IOCTL v2", without that patch you 
>> will run into a NULL pointer dereference during PRT mapping.
> I can confirm that it works with my Mesa series as well: I get the 
> "Disabling VM faults" warning message, and indeed accessing outside 
> the committed region does not cause VM faults.

Great! Anybody who wants to give me some RBs on the patches?

I would like to commit those to the internal branches.


> Cheers,
> Nicolai
>> Going to send out the unit test in a minute.
>> Regards,
>> Christian.
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