[UMR] Add GPU_POWER (v3) + refactored cleanup

Tom St Denis tom.stdenis at amd.com
Sat Feb 11 19:05:02 UTC 2017

On 02/11/2017 01:57 PM, Kai Wasserb├Ąch wrote:
> Hey Tom,
> Tom St Denis wrote on 11.02.2017 18:52:
>> I split out the deletion of the unused bits in --top.
> thank you so much for bearing with me (and Edward, though I can't speak for him,
> obviously)! You can still have my R-b. ;-)
> Cheers,
> Kai

No worries.  It's no secret I'm no fan of NFC re-submits but hard to get 
upset in the face of genuinely good feedback.  And it is a community 
project in the long run so it's not like community pushback/feedback is 
not welcomed (my rumblings notwithstanding).

Thanks to you and Edward for the feedback.

I've pushed them out.  You'll need a staging kernel to use GPU_POWER 
(with my and Eric's patches) to see any of this on a VI dGPU.

It's kinda interesting to see the power usage graphs (using umr's --top 
'logger' mode) comparing Polaris10 and fiji while running say 
unigine-heaven.  I think the sensors will help debug/optimize power 
usage going forward.


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