[PATCH] drm/amdgpu/powerplay: enable LEDs on Fiji boards

Alexandre Demers alexandre.f.demers at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 22:50:07 UTC 2017

First, sorry for not replying directly as I should normally, but I'm not on
my usual computer, so I can't. That being said...

I may have my eyes in the same socket right now, but I think
fiji_setup_dpm_led_config() always returns 0.

> + if (mask)
> + smum_send_msg_to_smc_with_parameter(hwmgr->smumgr,
> +    PPSMC_MSG_LedConfig,
> +    mask);
> + return 0;
> +}

Even when "if (mask)" is true, whether
smum_send_msg_to_smc_with_parameter() succeeds or not,
fiji_setup_dpm_led_config() spits a 0 at the end.


>* +	result = fiji_setup_dpm_led_config(hwmgr);
*>* +	PP_ASSERT_WITH_CODE(0 == result,
*>* +			    "Failed to setup dpm led config", return result);

will always lead to "result" being set to 0... Am I missing something?

Alexandre Demers
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