Associate dma_fence and amdpgu tracepoints

Andres Rodriguez andresx7 at
Fri Feb 24 18:20:56 UTC 2017

This patch series is an meant to supersede:
drm/amdgpu: trace amdgpu_job fence details

It uses a different approach of tracking through the scheduler fence
instead of the amdgpu job fence.

The difference between using these two fences account for a maximum of
1us of latency as measured by ftrace. E.g.:
<idle>-0     [002] d.h.    69.073015: dma_fence_signaled: driver=amdgpu timeline=gfx context=1 seqno=4616
<idle>-0     [002] d.h.    69.073016: dma_fence_signaled: driver=amd_sched timeline=gfx context=591 seqno=3558

In most cases the difference is 0us. I don't think this issue will be
a concern on our current time scales.

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