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Subrat Meher smeher02.aoe3 at
Thu May 25 03:59:45 UTC 2017

Hi Christian,

I have built a stack from git sources. Is drm-next a good branch for basing
development on?

As you suspected, piglit reported a few crashes and failures with gpu and
cl profiles. So I will start looking at those. Thanks for the pointers!

Interest wise, I am the most interested in kernel topics, and improving
driver stability. There is a system lockup issue on my 270 when running
euro truck simulator 2 at high render resolution. I plan to get some debug
data on this once after reading up on kernel debugging.


On 22-May-2017 16:01, "Christian K├Ânig" <deathsimple at> wrote:

> Hi Subrat,
> well finding topics for beginners on the graphics stack are usually not an
> easy task because it is a rather complicated piece of software.
> I suggest to just start with setting up a build and test environment and
> start to run piglit (our testing suite) on a fully self compiled stack
> (kernel, libdrm, ddx, mesa).
> If you find any bugs while doing this (and there still are a couple I
> guess) you can start to narrow those down.
> Additional to that is there any particular area you are interested in?
> E.g. kernel development, video codecs or frontend stuff (OpenGL, OpenCL)?
> Regards,
> Christian.
> Am 19.05.2017 um 05:24 schrieb Subrat Meher:
> Hi,
> I am interested in working on radeon's Linux graphics stack. Are there any
> areas that are more approachable to someone  unfamiliar with the stack?
> As for existing knowledge, I have worked with OpenGL, OpenCL and embedded
> applications.
> Apologies if this is not the right place for this discussion.
> Thanks,
> Subrat
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