System freeze on display re-activation persists

Martin Babutzka martin.babutzka at
Thu Nov 2 06:36:17 UTC 2017

Dear AMD developers,

I wanted to mention that the regression in amd-staging-drm-next which I
reported on the 29.09. and the 06.10. still exists with the latest tree
state of the branch.

A crash/freeze occurs after the screen is re-enabled either from
suspend or from screen locking (which shuts off the display as well).
The system lock-timing varies: It can get stuck at a blank screen, at
the login screen or even shortly after a login.
The kernel is the unmodified amd-staging-drm-next running with my Tonga
GPU. It does not occur in the official 4.13 kernel of Ubuntu 17.10.

Unfortunately I failed to bisect it to the causing commit but the issue
is there for a pretty long time in the 4.13 kernel, most likely merged
into the code before 10.09.
Did nobody else from this mailing list experience the same issue?

Many regards,

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