[PATCH 2/4] drm/ttm: consistently use reservation_object_unlock

Christian König ckoenig.leichtzumerken at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 16:41:26 UTC 2017

Am 08.11.2017 um 17:36 schrieb Michel Dänzer:
> On 08/11/17 03:59 PM, Christian König wrote:
>> Instead of having a pointless wrapper or call the underlying ww_mutex
>> function directly.
> Not sure I can agree it's pointless, since it recently took me a while
> to realize that unlocking bo->resv is essentially the same as
> unreserving the BO.

Ok in this case let's call this confusing. But yeah that 
__ttm_bo_unreserv(bo), reservation_object_unlock(bo->resv) and 
ww_mutex_unlock(&bo->resv->lock) are essentially the same thing is 
exactly what I want to fix here.

> Anyway, this breaks the qxl driver:
> drivers/gpu/drm//qxl/qxl_release.c: In function ‘qxl_release_fence_buffer_objects’:
> drivers/gpu/drm//qxl/qxl_release.c:472:3: error: implicit declaration of function ‘__ttm_bo_unreserve’; did you mean ‘ttm_bo_unreserve’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
>     __ttm_bo_unreserve(bo);
>     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>     ttm_bo_unreserve

Thanks for pointing this out, going to respin.


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