Kernel crash/Null pointer dereference on vblank

Chunming Zhou zhoucm1 at
Thu Nov 23 10:07:22 UTC 2017

See the attached email, they fixed same issue, each of them is ok to fix 
your issue, your calltrace is  same as the second.

We should already push the first patch in early time, could you check if 
the first patch is in your branch?


David Zhou

On 2017年11月23日 16:31, Johannes Hirte wrote:
> On 2017 Nov 23, Chunming Zhou wrote:
>> Which driver are you using?
>> I guess your driver is a bit old, the issue should be fixed before.
> This was with git master from Linus. But even with the latest changes
> from agd5f/drm-next-4.15 both use-after-free still persist. If there are
> fixes for this, they're not available for upstream.

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