[PATCH] drm/amd/display: Print type if we get wrong ObjectID from bios

Shawn Starr shawn.starr at rogers.com
Mon Nov 27 22:23:46 UTC 2017

On 11/24/2017 09:44 AM, Harry Wentland wrote:
> We've seen a bunch of issues where we can't get the connector from vbios
> for what we think should be a valid connector id. Print some more info
> when this happens.
> Change-Id: I96aee657ed4632fbc0ab313671da356dc225c8c4
> Signed-off-by: Harry Wentland <harry.wentland at amd.com>
> ---
> Hi Shawn,
> mind trying this patch? It won't fix anything but should give us a bit
> more info on why you're getting this invalid connector ObjectId.
> Harry

Hi Harry,

here's dmesg from kernel with dc=1 with patch applied, this is against 
Linus's 4.15-rc1 git tag.



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