CPU usage/threading on agd5f 4.15-wip

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 17:37:35 UTC 2017

Andy Furniss wrote:
> On 4.15-wip with patches that make powerplay work I have an issue with 
> one game = unreal tournament alpha.
> This doesn't seem to affect other things like xonotic or unigine demos.
> Issue = on fixes 4.14 and other older kernels I've tried, the game is OK 
> ish perf wise, 20-40 fps.
> On 4.15-wip its 10fps. Using HUD one obvious difference is that the slow 
> case is only mostly using one cpu core, on a good kernel all 4 of my old 
> phenom 2 x4 are used.
> Both kernels seem based on 4.13-rc5 so I guess it's something amdgpu.
> Trouble is, I can't bisect 4.15-wip, going back near or > 200 commits I 
> lock soon after startx.
> So is there any change devs can think of that would cause this?

I filed a bug for this so I could upload some screen shots.

Issue remains with updated 4.15-wip.


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