[PATCH 2/9] drm/amdkfd: Simplify execute and unmap queue APIs

Felix Kuehling felix.kuehling at amd.com
Tue Oct 10 21:21:13 UTC 2017

On 2017-10-08 08:02 AM, Oded Gabbay wrote:
> This patch is basically fine, but it actually contains two separate
> changes that are not related to each other. It makes the patch hard to
> understand and follow and makes future bisecting harder.
> Therefore, I took the patch but split it to two patches. Please tell
> me if you have any objection.

No problem, thanks. I think it was laziness on my part. Since the
patches affected the same unmap interface, it was easier to squash them
and resolve the conflicts only once.


> Oded

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