[amd-staging-drm-next] compilation error with latest commit #1b006d838f78

Dieter Nützel Dieter at nuetzel-hh.de
Fri Oct 13 23:10:36 UTC 2017

Am 13.10.2017 21:22, schrieb Harry Wentland:
> On 2017-10-12 08:22 PM, Dieter Nützel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> next (regression) compilation error:
>> drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/../display/dc/core/dc_resource.c: In 
>> function ‘resource_map_pool_resources’:
>> drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/../display/dc/core/dc_resource.c:1688:14: 
>> error: implicit declaration of function ‘acquire_first_split_pipe’; 
>> did you mean ‘acquire_first_free_pipe’? 
>> [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
>>    pipe_idx = acquire_first_split_pipe(&context->res_ctx, pool, 
>> stream);
>>               ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>>               acquire_first_free_pipe
>> It is wrongly (?) guarded behind:
>> #if defined(CONFIG_DRM_AMD_DC_DCN1_0)
>> static int acquire_first_split_pipe(
>>                 struct resource_context *res_ctx,
>>                 const struct resource_pool *pool,
>>                 struct dc_stream_state *stream)
>> [snip]
> Sent and merged a patch. This function only makes sense for DCN and 
> shouldn't
> be called otherwise. Thanks for reporting this. I gotta make sure to 
> build
> without the DCN flag in the future to avoid this.

Hello Harry,

I've included it by hand and tested it with and without
CONFIG_DRM_AMD_DC_FBC (and already send my t-b).

The sad thing is, that latest amd-staging-drm-next (#1c630e83443a) do 
NOT come back from screen blanking (KDE screen saver, blank after x 
minutes) any longer.
I have to reboot. Nothing in the logs.

Apart from this '[amd-staging-drm-next] regression - no fan info 
(sensors) on RX580' still stands.

Last thing:
'amd-staging-drm-next' is still based on 4.13.0-rc5.
Could it be 'updated' (rebased) on 4.13.4+ at least?
Since 4.12-rc there seems to be an e1000 issue in the Linux kernel tree, 
which is fixed for my Fujitsu workstation with 4.13.4+, but not with 
Or should I switch to 'drm-next-4.15[-dc]-wip'?

Thank you for GREAT OSS gfx-support from AMD!


> Harry
>> Thanks,
>> Dieter

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