[pull] amdgpu dc drm-next-4.15-dc

Dieter N├╝tzel Dieter at nuetzel-hh.de
Sun Oct 22 21:48:25 UTC 2017

Am 21.10.2017 23:22, schrieb Alex Deucher:
> Hi Dave,
> Last batch of new stuff for DC. Highlights:
> - Fix some memory leaks
> - S3 fixes
> - Hotplug fixes
> - Fix some CX multi-display issues
> - MST fixes
> - DML updates from the hw team
> - Various code cleanups
> - Misc bug fixes

Now this tree has the same fan regression as 'amd-staging-drm-next' 
startet with 0944c350c8eddf4064e7abb881dd245032fdfa23.

Look here:
[amd-staging-drm-next] regression - no fan info (sensors) on RX580

KDE's greeter 'kdm_greet' (login screen went into dpms) and KDE's 
'screen blank' (energy saving / dpms off) never came back. All I can do 
is a clean reboot. So I have to disable all 'dpms'.
But I could attach gdb remotely on it.
'kdm_greet' hang in 'poll'.
Nothing alarming in 'dmesg' and 'Xorg.0.log'. (Both available taken from 
'amd-staging-drm-next' if needed).


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