drm/amdgpu: LVDS-1 output only turns on with sleep 1s workaround

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Oct 24 00:31:12 UTC 2017

Deucher, Alexander wrote:
> Sorry, been swamped lately.  Haven't had a chance to look.

Cool. I know what that's like.

Um, but, can you please look, just a little? :)

I do not mean "resolve the bug now kthx !!111", but perhaps judge
complexity/difficulty, or see if there is some key information or
testing that I could do while I have the unit?

The unit is currently taken out of production but needs to go back with
the workaround by next week or so, and I don't have a lab unit since this
is an uncommon hardware type in the fleet. I will still be able to do
limited testing with remote hands-and-eyes, but have much better
possibilities while the unit is still in the lab.

> Bugzilla is probably a better bet so it won't get lost in the email.


Thanks a lot


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