spam in dmesg log from display

Tom St Denis tstdenis at
Mon Apr 9 17:36:08 UTC 2018

This commit

commit 5fadc6fe773862f59f8a54480f06f097f0719c26
Author: Bhawanpreet Lakha <Bhawanpreet.Lakha at>
Date:   Thu Mar 15 13:01:46 2018 -0400

     drm/amd/display: Add Dynamic debug prints

     Created Macros for DC_LOG_XXX to pr_debug() & DRM_DEBUG_KMS.

     Signed-off-by: Bhawanpreet Lakha <Bhawanpreet.Lakha at>
     Reviewed-by: Harry Wentland <Harry.Wentland at>

enables one particular message that is spamming my dmesg log with a 
normal module init (no parameters).

I get loads of :

[   26.041896] [drm] Un-gated front end for pipe 3


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