restart syncobj timeline changes v2

zhoucm1 zhoucm1 at
Thu Nov 29 10:38:53 UTC 2018

Looks very very good, and I applied them in my local, and tested by 
./amdgpu_test -s 9 and synobj_basic/wait of IGT today.

+Daniel, Chris, Eric, Could you also have a look as well?


On 2018年11月28日 22:50, Christian König wrote:
> Tested this patch set more extensively in the last two weeks and fixed tons of additional bugs.
> Still only testing with hand made DRM patches, but those are now rather reliable at least on amdgpu. Setting up igt is the next thing on the TODO list.
> UAPI seems to be pretty solid already except for two changes:
> 1. Dropping an extra flag in the wait interface which was default behavior anyway.
> 2. Dropped the extra indirection in the query interface.
> Additional to that I'm thinking if we shouldn't replace the flags parameter to find_fence() with a timeout value instead to limit how long we want to wait for a fence to appear.
> Please test and comment,
> Christian.
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