[RFC] drm/amd/display: add SI support to AMD DC

Mauro Rossi issor.oruam at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 02:23:34 UTC 2018

[PATCH 01/10] drm/amd/display: add asics info for SI parts
[PATCH 02/10] drm/amd/display: dc/dce: add DCE6 support
[PATCH 03/10] drm/amd/display: dc/core: add DCE6 support
[PATCH 04/10] drm/amd/display: dc/bios: add support for DCE6
[PATCH 05/10] drm/amd/display: dc/gpio: add support for DCE6
[PATCH 06/10] drm/amd/display: dc/i2caux: add support for DCE6
[PATCH 07/10] drm/amd/display: dc/irq: add support for DCE6
[PATCH 08/10] drm/amd/display: amdgpu_dm: add SI support
[PATCH 09/10] drm/amdgpu: enable DC support for SI parts
[PATCH 10/10] drm/amd/display: enable SI support in the Kconfig

The series adds preliminar SI support as a Proof Of Concept, 
based on the idea that DCE6 is similar to DCE8, to be reviewed and refined

Android-x86 need/motivation lies in the following chain of dependencies: 
Vulkan radv requires gbm gralloc prime_fd support,
gbm gralloc requires drm hwcomposer,
drm hwcomposer requires Atomic Display Framework, 
Atomic Display Framework requires AMD DC, currently not supporting SI.

So the goals are:
1) to get Vulkan radv working on SI parts for android-x86.
2) to remove the gap in SI (GCN 1st gen) not having atomic support. 

DCE6 specific code was implemented as a replica of existing DCE8 support
and based on how DCE8 specific code was added on top of DCE10,11 support
by adding dce60* sources, functions, macros for each existing in dce80*

CONFIG_DRM_AMD_DC_SI parameter has been added to control SI support in DC

During this first iteration of review, there are aspects to verify:
- dce60 code has been added mechanically, so there may be redundancies 
and space for refactoring part of the code
- dce60_resources was having too many building errors due to missing DCE6 macros
in order to temporarily overcome the problem dce_8_0_{d,sh_mask}.h headers
were used for the PoC
- dc/irq suffered the same problem dce_8_0_{d,sh_mask}.h headers
were used for the PoC
- gfx6 may require some ad hoc initialization, skipped for the moment
- Hainan specific code requires review, as some documentation and code paths
seem to point that famility may not have DCE6, please confirm
- video decoding blocks code have not been touched
- dc/dce/dce_clock_source.{c,h} may be missing some SI/DCE6 specifics
- dc/dce/dce_dmcu.{c,h} may be missing some SI/DCE6 specifics
- dc/dce/dce_hwseq.h may be missing some SI/DCE6 specifics
- dc/dce/dce_link_encoder.h may be missing some SI/DCE6 specifics
- dc/dce/dce_stream_encoder.h may be missing some SI/DCE6 specifics
- dc/amdgpu_dm/* changes may be incomplete
- Any other omissis to be reviewed
- Feedback on best testing strategy required

Review from an expert of the DC impacted modules is recommended

    SW Layer
| DC        Display     Timing          Mode        Asic        |
| Interface Service     Service         Manager     Capability* |
|                                                               |
| Display   Topology    Display         Link        Adapter     |
| Path      Manager     Capability      Service     Service     |
|                       Service                                 |
| GPIO*     IRQ         I2cAux          HW          BIOS        |
|           Service**   Manager*        Sequencer*  Parser*     |
|                                                               |
| Connector Encoder     Audio           GPU         Controller  |
|                                                               |
    HW Layer

*dce60 support was added cleanly with dce_6_0_{d,sh_mask}.h headers
**dce60 support was added using dce_8_0_{d,sh_mask}.h headers

Android-x86 preliminary tests results:

[Boots with drm gralloc]
3DMark Slingshot
GFXbench OpenGLES benchmarks OK
V1 GPU benchmark (OpenGLES) OK
Regression in Google Chrome, Youtube (app does not show up)
Regression in Olympus Rising,  Chicken Invaders (app does not show up)

[Boots with drm hwcomposer + gbm gralloc]
Google Chrome, Youtube are OK
Vulkan radv HAL API becomes available with hwc+gbm gralloc
V1 GPU benchmark (Vulkan API) OK
Sacha Willems examples OK
Some glitch/freeze in 3DMark Slingshot Extreeme and API overhead

Kind regards

Mauro Rossi
android-x86 team

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