Which changes in graphic stack could cause eye strain problems

Михаил Богданов max.kammerer at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 3 07:57:11 UTC 2019

 I've been using Ubuntu 14.4.0 (with updates) for many years and can't switch to any newer Linux distribution.
Actually on attempt to upgrade to anything newer I got problems with eyes and head (actually problem feelings are started in muscle at my right head side and then in eyes - irritation, burn, discomfort and so on, then i got a weakness in my full body). 
My hardware configuration is same during attempt of upgrade and I have similar filing regardless of used driver (opensource or proprietary).Problem feelings doesn't depends on used graphic card: AMD/ATI, Nvidia or Intel.
The hardness of feelings just depends on distribution: the hardest ones on Ubuntu 19.04 and less ones on Mint 19.1

I think that some relevant for my story changes was added to graphic stack around 2014 year 
or maybe even before 2014 and default  behaviour was switched to them around 2014.
There are several report of same problem with intel graphic made in 2014:https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/intel-gfx/2014-January/038104.html
Actually I can't use any display with LED backlight and still using one with CCFL. Maybe this changes are related to LED display support.

There is also report on ledstrain site:https://ledstrain.org/d/384-linux-users-any-known-good-distro-de/15

Could you suggest which changes could be related to described problem?Could it be some hidden dithering in graphics stack or something else?My attempt to play with different configuration options doesn't give me any result (including dithering disabling in graphic card driver)?
Best regards,   Mike

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