[PATCH] drm/amd/powerplay/smu7_hwmgr: replace blocking delay with non-blocking

Dieter N├╝tzel Dieter at nuetzel-hh.de
Thu Jun 13 00:46:43 UTC 2019

CC trimmed

Hello Alex and Harry,

any comments on this?
I'm running my Xeon X3470 (4c/8t) with this under amd-staging-drm-next 
(as always ;-) ) and see no issues so far.


Am 04.06.2019 22:21, schrieb Yrjan Skrimstad:
> On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 02:08:21AM +0200, Yrjan Skrimstad wrote:
>> This driver currently contains a repeated 500ms blocking delay call
>> which causes frequent major buffer underruns in PulseAudio. This patch
>> fixes this issue by replacing the blocking delay with a non-blocking
>> sleep call.
> I see that I have not explained this bug well enough, and I hope that 
> is
> the reason for the lack of replies on this patch. I will here attempt 
> to
> explain the situation better.
> To start with some hardware description I am here using an AMD R9 380
> GPU, an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor and an AMD X370 chipset.
> If any more hardware or software specifications are necessary, please
> ask.
> The bug is as follows: When playing audio I will regularly have major
> audio issues, similar to that of a skipping CD. This is reported by
> PulseAudio as scheduling delays and buffer underruns when running
> PulseAudio verbosely and these scheduling delays are always just under
> 500ms, typically around 490ms. This makes listening to any music quite
> the horrible experience as PulseAudio constantly will attempt to rewind
> and catch up. It is not a great situation, and seems to me to quite
> clearly be a case where regular user space behaviour has been broken.
> I want to note that this audio problem was not something I experienced
> until recently, it is therefore a new bug.
> I have bisected the kernel to find out where the problem originated and
> found the following commit:
> # first bad commit: [f5742ec36422a39b57f0256e4847f61b3c432f8c]
> drm/amd/powerplay: correct power reading on fiji
> This commit introduces a blocking delay (mdelay) of 500ms, whereas the
> old behaviour was a smaller blocking delay of only 1ms. This seems to 
> me
> to be very curious as the scheduling delays of PulseAudio are always
> almost 500ms. I have therefore with the previous patch replaced the
> scheduling delay with a non-blocking sleep (msleep).
> The results of the patch seems promising as I have yet to encounter any
> of the old <500ms scheduling delays when using it and I have also not
> encountered any kernel log messages regarding sleeping in an atomic
> context.
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