[amd-staging-drm-next] broken after Navi merge

Zhang, Hawking Hawking.Zhang at amd.com
Mon Jun 24 13:50:09 UTC 2019

Please pull my latest fixes that probably helps on issue you ran into.
61adda1f6f080717a9ee4c96a74c8df6ffab1ff0 drm/amdgpu: fix modprobe failure for uvd_4/5/6

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Subject: [amd-staging-drm-next] broken after Navi merge

Hello Alex,

after your latest Navi merge 'amd-staging-drm-next' is broken with Polaris 20.

It hangs with very light gray (mostly black) screen after first mode switch.

Tested commit:
317d5033ab6c (HEAD -> amd-staging-drm-next, origin/amd-staging-drm-next)
drm/amdgpu: add job->preamble_status back to status value

Even run mode 3|1 with grub2 do not works.

See also:

I have to roll back before Navi commits to get working 'amd-staging-drm-next' kernel, again.

Maybe you have some 'spare' time despite all your Navi enablement work to lift 'amd-staging-drm-next' to at least 5.2-rc6 (the Steam TCP thing).

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