[PATCH v2 4/4] drm/amdkfd: Check against device cgroup

Tejun Heo tj at kernel.org
Tue May 28 19:02:39 UTC 2019


On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 08:12:17PM +0000, Kuehling, Felix wrote:
> Patches 1,2,4 will be submitted through amd-staging-drm-next. Patch 3 
> goes through the cgroup tree. Patch 4 depends on patch 3. So submitting 
> patch 4 will need to wait until we rebase amd-staging-drm-next on a new 
> enough kernel release that includes patch 3.
> Patch 1 and 2 could be submitted now or wait for patch 3 as well so we 
> submit all our cgroup stuff in amdgpu and KFD together. It probably 
> makes most sense to wait since unused code tends to rot.
> Patches 1,2,4 are already reviewed by me. Feel free to add my Acked-by 
> to patch 3.

Please feel free to add my acked-by and take patch 3 with the rest of
the patchset.



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