[Follow-up] Status of AMD Sensor Fusion HUB for Linux

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 17:03:15 UTC 2019

On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 3:59 AM Luya Tshimbalanga
<luya at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> What is the current status of the driver or module for AMD Sensor Fusion
> HUB for mobile Raven Ridge family? To this day, majority of mobile
> powered device equipped with that APU family lacks gyroscopic function
> for the screen.

The FCH team has an initial implementation done.  IIRC, they are just
cleaning things up and restructuring based on community
recommendations.  I think the patches should be available soon if they
are not already.


> Thanks in advance.
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