[bug] tab crash on media playback

Christian König christian.koenig at amd.com
Fri Feb 26 09:59:58 UTC 2021

Hi Cory,

I'm the author of the patch you bisected, but that looks like a bit 
strange bisect result.

The patch in question shouldn't have an functional change, it just 
restructures the code.

Can I send you a debugging patch which prints a few lines into dmesg 
when problems happen?

Thanks in advance,

Am 26.02.21 um 07:47 schrieb Cory Bolar:
> Hello,
> When upgrading the kernel from 5.10 to 5.11 my Chromium browser's tab 
> crashes
> when playing video files, for example, any youtube video.  Other media 
> related
> programs and browsers appear unaffected and I have tried multiple 
> versions of
> Chromium but this has not resolved the issue.
> I bisected the mainline kernel from tags v5.10 to v5.11 and found commit
> d3ef581afa5e6a65cc3a40de2e62901f17b8cebc to be the first commit to 
> cause this
> problem.
> A few other details:
> GPU: RX580
> Window Manager: Sway (Wayland)
> Chromium flags: --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform 
> --ozone-platform=wayland
> --enable-logging=stderr --v=1
> Without these specific chromium flags media playback works as expected 
> but I
> lose native wayland integration that has been working for some time now.
> There are no logs in dmesg during the tab crash but I have attached 
> the crash
> dump and relevant log sections from chromium, although I understand if 
> they are
> not useful to you.  I have not yet reported this bug to chrome as I 
> was able to
> reproduce/resolve it reliably with kernel version changes but not with 
> chromium
> changes.
> Please let me know if there is any other information or tests I can 
> perform to
> assist.
> Thanks,
> Cory
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