[PATCH v3 0/8] Support DEVICE_GENERIC memory in migrate_vma_*

Felix Kuehling felix.kuehling at amd.com
Thu Jun 24 15:08:30 UTC 2021

Am 2021-06-24 um 1:30 a.m. schrieb Christoph Hellwig:
> On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 05:49:55PM -0400, Felix Kuehling wrote:
>> For the reference counting changes we could use the dax driver with hmem 
>> and use efi_fake_mem on the kernel command line to create some 
>> DEVICE_GENERIC pages. I'm open to suggestions for good user mode tests to 
>> exercise dax functionality on this type of memory.
>> For the migration helper changes we could modify or parametrize 
>> lib/hmm_test.c to create DEVICE_GENERIC pages instead of DEVICE_PRIVATE. 
>> Then run tools/testing/selftests/vm/hmm-tests.c.
> We'll also need a real in-tree user of the enhanced DEVICE_GENERIC memory.
> So while the refcounting cleanups early in the series are something I'd
> really like to see upstream as soon as everything is sorted out, the
> actual bits that can't only be used by your updated driver should wait
> for that.

The driver changes are pretty much ready to go.

But we have a bit of a chicken-egg problem because those changes likely
go through different trees. The GPU driver changes will go through
drm-next, but we can't merge them there until our dependencies have been
merged there from upstream. Unless we protect everything with some #ifdef.


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