Code Review Request for AMDGPU Hotplug Support

Shuotao Xu shuotaoxu at
Wed Apr 6 08:11:14 UTC 2022

Dear AMD Colleagues,

We are from Microsoft Research and are working on GPU disaggregation technology.

We have created a patch against against drm-staging-drm-next, which will enable PCIe hot-plug support for amdgpu

We have also created a pull request Add PCIe hotplug support for amdgpu by xushuotao · Pull Request #131 · RadeonOpenCompute/ROCK-Kernel-Driver (<> in ROCK-Kernel-Driver, against rocm-5.0.x.

We believe the support of hot-plug of GPU devices can open doors for many advanced applications in data center in the next few years, and we would like to have some reviewers on this PR so we can continue further technical discussions around this feature.

Would you please help review this patch?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Shuotao Xu

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