Assertion failure in debugging code

Carl Worth cworth at
Fri Aug 24 13:53:58 PDT 2012

Argh. I hadn't fully thought through all of this. So my reply above was
incorrect. Or rather, I correctly described what was happening, but
didn't correctly find the bug.

Carl Worth <cworth at> writes:
>> It looks like there is a bug in either of these functions calls
>>     RegionMap::iterator start = lowerBound(address);
>>     RegionMap::iterator stop = upperBound(address + size);
> OK. I looked at those carefully for any bugs, but they actually look
> correct to me.

I still believe the function bodies are correct for both of the above

The bug is that the call to upperBound should use the last valid address
for the range (which is "address + size - 1", not "address + size").

I'll follow-up (one last time) with an actual patch.


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