[PATCH 0/1] Add trim support to qapitrace GUI app. (Rev. 2)

Dan McCabe zen3d.linux at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 09:53:44 PDT 2012

Rev. 2 of trim support addition.

Deltas from the previous patch:

1) Use the full path from the trace file to construct the trimmed trace
file name.

2) Incorporated the call number in the trimmed trace file name.

3) Load the trimmed trace file into qapitrace after trimming.

In particular, I would like the code reviewers to examine the way I
load the trimmed trace file. I do this by calling newTraceFile() upon
receiving the createdTrim() signal. I'm not certain this is a correct
action to perform. I tried consulting the design document for qapitrace, 
but that didn't provide enough guidance on this issue.

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