[APOC] APOC Bugzilla Component Category?

Alberto Ruiz Alberto.Ruiz at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 1 06:53:04 PST 2008

Peter K Anderson wrote:
> Hi Alberto,
Hi Peter!
> I've found a minor bug in the apoc-template-packages code and created a
> bugzilla account at bugs.freedesktop.org however not sure how I can
> submit the report given there's no 'apoc-template-packages' component
> category for the APOC product.
Congrats, you're the #1 bug reporter :)
> Are you able to create the 'apoc-template-packages' component in
> bugzilla or shall I submit under another component category?
I need to request to create the component to the freedesktop sysadmins, 
it might take a few days. Meanwhile, could you describe the bug in the 
mailing list?
> Regards,
> Peter


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