[APOC] APOC on Gentoo...

Peter K Anderson pka at they.com.au
Wed May 27 06:41:55 PDT 2009

Greetings All :)

After much delay, am finally working on some APOC ebuilds for Gentoo
Linux with view to using that work to build packages for other distros.

Currently, webconsole 3.0.2 (aka Lockhart) apoc-spi, apoc-manager and
apoc-template-packages ebuilds are pretty much done so have begun some
testing to see what works...

The files at this URL show an issue encountered at step 5 of the
configuration repository wizard http://www.they.com.au/apoc ...java
skills are minimal around here so would appreciate any feedback on how
to proceed?

By the way, have discovered that spi.jar (default installation path of
package is /usr/share/lib/apoc/spi.jar) needs to be registered with
webconsole (unlike SDM 1.0.1 on Solaris) by invoking something like:

wcadmin add -l -a apoc -n apoc_spi /usr/share/lib/apoc/spi.jar

...otherwise exceptions thrown when attempting to access apoc
application link in the console.  We may consider changing our apoc-spi
ebuild to install spi.jar in same location as apoc_manager.jar
files ...similar to contents of 'SUNWapm' package for Solaris.

I've committed a couple of fixes to the apoc git repositories at
freedesktop.org, see:


Strangely, at least one commit:


...addresses an issue that was fixed prior to SDM 1.0.1 release so am
beginning to wonder whether some of the code released to freedesktop.org
is older? ...anyone at Sun care to check/confirm/comment on this?

Kind Regards,

Peter K Anderson
pka at they.com.au

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