[Authentication] Item attributes types inconsistency

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Thu Mar 17 13:47:46 PDT 2011

Hi Valentin,

Valentin Rusu wrote:
> Please be advised that I think that the spec has a little inconsistency
> when specifying item attributes.
> First, when creating an item, the signature of the CreateItem has a
> "properties" arg of type "a{sv}".
> Secondly, the created item has a "attributes" of type "a{ss}".
> This isn't consistent and I propose to stick with "a{sv}" as it's more
> flexible, as per attached patch.
> Any thoughts? 

That's actually intended as there's a difference between Properties and 
Attributes. Let me try to explain.

Attributes is a map of attribute names to attribute values, eg.
( "Attribute1" => "Value1", "Attribute2" => "Value2" ).

The properties argument of CreateItem is mapping property (as in D-Bus 
property) names to property values, eg.
( "Attributes" => ( "Attribute1" => "Value1", "Attribute2" => "Value2" ) )
It's meant to be extensible so every writable property of an item can be set 
using this string-variant map.


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