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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.de
Thu Aug 4 23:29:35 EST 2005

On Thu, 04.08.05 09:13, Trent Lloyd (lathiat at bur.st) wrote:

> Why does the build require the dev files for pygtk? afaict they arent
> required as everything builds fine without it except the ./configure
> whinges 
> An alternate method of determining whatever it wants to know could be
> better?

Related to this:

Sebastien, you broke my build! I have a server without python
installed, in r217 I fixed the build to not require python. But now
you broke it again.

You replaced the following lines:


(requires automake 1.9, sorry)



Which is smotheing completely different.

Please fix this ASAP! For the time being I disabled your pygtk stuff,
because it even prevented my to buld avahi on my PC.

I don't think that autoconf tests for pygtk/glade make any sense
here. I like the way the bittorrent packages handle this: don't
require pygtk/glade for build but print out a nice message when you
run the tools that if you want to make use of the GUI you need to
install pygtk. i.e. change avahi-discover to import pygtk like this:

       import gtk, gobject
except ImportError, e:
       print "Sorry, you need to install pygtk to use this tool."

BTW, I have another suggestion for you how to improve
avahi-discover. Add another tree level for the network a service is
found on, and drop the column showing this instead. An example:

+ Interface eth0 (IPv4)
  + Domain .local
    + Service Type _http._tcp
      + Web Service #1
      + Blah Blubb
    + Type _ftp._tcp
      + My FTP Server
  + Domain .home
    + Service Type _presence._tcp
      + Lieschen Müller
      + Peter Panther
+ Interface wlan0 (IPv4)
  + Domain .local
    + Service Type _http._tcp
      + Miau
+ Interface wlan0 (IPv6)
  + Domain .local
    + Service Type _gurki._tcp
      + Brrrumm!

And expanding the entries in the tree view by default would be cool,

And finally: clicking on any of the entries doesn't reveal any
information at the moment. This worked some revisions ago, but doesn't any more?

BTW: I changed the Makefile.am in avahi-utils to replace @PYTHON@ and
friends using sed instead of using autoconf. Somewhere in the autoconf
they suggest that paths shouldn't be replaced by autoconf but only by


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