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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.de
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On Thu, 04.08.05 17:06, Sebastien Estienne (sebastien.estienne at gmail.com) wrote:

> > Hmm, good point. I personally never use that menu, so I didn't think
> > of it. Perhaps we should leave it to the distributors to add a
> > pygtk dependency (or "Recommends:" line) to their packages.
> > 

> We could, put the recommendation in README or INSTALL, and then it's
> up to packagers.


> Talking about menu, i'm investigating adding a .desktop. We'll need an
> icon/logo at some point.  Should we contact jimmac?

Feel free to do so!

> > > Oki, how can i make the link between the interface number and it's real name
> > > eg 8 -> eth0 ?
> > 
> > In C it is simple. just use the SIOCGIFNAME ioctl on any socket. (see
> > netdevice(7) for more info)
> > 
> > In python its probably a little more difficult.
> > 
> > Google found this for me:
> > 
> > http://twistedmatrix.com/wiki/python/IfConfig
> > 
> i'll have a look at it

SVN now contains two new DBUS methods for you:

    string GetNetworkInterfaceNameByIndex(int32 index)
    int32 GetNetworkInterfaceIndexByName(string name)

I patched avahi-dump-all to make use of it.

Lathiat, please do not wrap these functions in libavahi-client. They are
available for script languages where running SIOCGIFINDEX or
SIOCGIFNAME isn't straightforward. In C this is not the case.

GetAlternativeHostName() and GetAlternativeServiceName() shouldn't be
wrapped either, the corresponding functions from alternative.h may be
used directly.


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