[avahi] More CFLAGS weirdness

Ikke eikke at eikke.com
Wed Aug 10 05:13:51 EST 2005


attached you can find a larger CFLAGS patch, incorporating (almost) all
CFLAGS pointed at by Lennart before.

These flags are not included now:
-Wmissing-prototypes and -Wmissing-declarations as they throw errors I
don't understand/can't find what's wrong/can't find how to fix it.

The configure script checks every desired flag whether it's usable.

Please check this diff part:

     /* 2% jitter */
-    usec = (AvahiUsec) g_random_double_range((gdouble) (usec*percent),
(gdouble) (usec*(percent+2)));
+    usec = (AvahiUsec) g_random_int_range((gdouble) (usec*percent),
(gdouble) (usec*(percent+2)));

in avahi-core/cache.c. I don't know whether this is "correct", I think
it is (nd the compiler likes it too now), its the largest "real code"
fix I made IIRC :-)

I changed CFLAGS in some Makefile.am's, which is not allowed normally
(well, you get a little warning), but that's the only way I know of how
to get rid of some issues.

My tree does patch a make distcheck, so that should be ok.

Enjoy reviewing ;-)!


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