[avahi] More CFLAGS weirdness

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.de
Sun Aug 21 10:50:34 EST 2005

On Tue, 09.08.05 21:13, Ikke (eikke at eikke.com) wrote:


> attached you can find a larger CFLAGS patch, incorporating (almost) all
> CFLAGS pointed at by Lennart before.
> These flags are not included now:
> -Wmissing-prototypes and -Wmissing-declarations as they throw errors I
> don't understand/can't find what's wrong/can't find how to fix it.
> I changed CFLAGS in some Makefile.am's, which is not allowed normally
> (well, you get a little warning), but that's the only way I know of how
> to get rid of some issues.
> My tree does patch a make distcheck, so that should be ok.

I finally managed to apply your patch (at least partially):

  - configure checks for usable parameters automatically now. (VERY
  NICE!) I beefed your patch up a little, so that some nice messages a
  printed to show what is currently tested and its result.

  - I did not add -Werror to the compiler flags, since this might
  break building avahi with future compiler versions or versions we
  don't know of. You still can add -Werror on the command line manually:

        CFLAGS=-Werror ./configure

  (Please note that avahi doesn't pass that currently, due to DBUS
  and some other things)

  - I did not apply the G_GNUC_UNUSED changes, since we don't use glib
  anymore. Instead I added -Wno-unused-parameter to the flags tested
  for. (i guess a replacement macro could be put into gccmacro.h,

  - I did not merge one little thing regarding "const". Instead I fixed
  libdaemon, where to problem originates. if you compile avahi with a
  non-svn libdaemon the warning will remain.

  - Everything else is merged

Thanky you very much for your contribution!


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