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From: Sebastien Estienne <sebastien.estienne at gmail.com>
Date: 29 juin 2005 12:12
Subject: Re: [avahi] GAIM support for iChat Bonjour features
To: juanjo molinero <jjmolinero at gmail.com>

2005/6/29, juanjo molinero <jjmolinero at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
>    my name is Juanjo Molinero and I am currently working in a Bonjour
> plugin for GAIM as part of the Google Summer of Code. Mark Doliner of
> the GAIM team start this plugin coding its own mDNS support, but now
> we think that would be better to rely in some external daemon.
>     In order to use the one your are trying to program, I would like
> to know how far is your code from a fully functional version (any
> release date?), and if there are any plans to release it with the
> major Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, ...).

The mdns responder is almost fully implemented for embeded use, but i
think it's not the way you want to use it. (avahi-discover is an
example of embeded use)

The best way to use it, is to have a system dns responder that you can
control : ask him to publish or browse for some services throught a
dbus api.
have a look at http://freedesktop.org/~lennart/overview.png

Lathiat is working on these dbus bindings, he could comment on an
estimated release date. As far as i know avahi will be ready for a
first release as soon as this dbus api.

About coding your own mDNS implementation, i think it's not
recommended because having 1 dns responder per process that implement
rendezvous is not correct, and may lead to conflict, Lennart could
comment on this part better than me.

About releasing on major linux distro, it's one of the main goal of
avahi, to produce a Gpled implementation of bonjour/zeroconf protocol
that all linux distro could integrate.
That's the big difference with the Apple and Howl implementations.
Moreover avahi could be better integrated in linux desktops because of
using dbus, and may have some features not available in other
implementation: see the website

So linux distro integration is a major goal!
Architecture to support many linux distro is already in place using
autotools: have a look at the subversion repository:
especially configure.ac and initscript subfolder.

Contributions are welcome ;)


> Regards,
>    Juanjo.
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