[avahi] avahi-client checking version of the daemon

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd at luon.net
Tue Nov 22 03:34:11 PST 2005


  While working on avahi 0.6's debian package i noticed that libavahi-client
  now check if the avahi-daemon is the same as it's owns and refuses to work

  This is gonna cause several problems for us. The biggest one is that as soon
  as there is a new ABI change in the libraries, there is no way anymore to
  have them both working. Which makes ABI updates a lot more painfull for 

  A real dbus ``ABI'' versioning for avahi could be nice, although it will
  hopefully stay backward compatible. But forcing daemon and libs to be the
  same version, while the dbus interface doesn't change just causes 
  unnecessary problems.

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