[avahi] Avahi daemon dies on certain hostnames

Iván Sánchez Ortega i.sanchez at mirame.net
Sat Apr 1 03:29:55 PST 2006

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El Sábado 01 de Abril de 2006 01:50, Lennart Poettering escribió:
> Hmm. While Avahi shouldn't die when such a host name appears on the
> network it's primarily a bug in the axis cameras. They shouldn't send
> hostnames with invalid UTF-8 characters in the first place.

I'll ask the Axis guys about it...

> However, I don't know what to do in such a case. Ignore the hostanem 
> entirely because it isn't valid UTF-8? Treat is as ISO8859-1 if it doesn't
> validate as UTF8?

I suggest that Avahi should have the same behaviour as Apple's Bonjour. 
Convert the non-valid characters to whitespaces (or other glyph, such an 
underscore), but never discard a host because the mDNS hostname is invalid. I 
mostly agree with Ross Burton at this point.

El Sábado 01 de Abril de 2006 02:29, Marc Krochmal escribió:
> Couldn't you just allow the UTF-8 hostname but log a warning
> message?  UTF-8 is a valid encoding scheme for mDNS in general, just
> in practice, hostnames are traditionally restricted to letter,
> digits, hyphens so as to make them easy to type into command-line
> interfaces.

As RFC 2181, chapter 11 points out, a DNS server can return just any binary 
string, and the DNS client (avahi-daemon, in our case) is responsible for 
validating the data.

IMHO, Avahi cannot restrict itself to "traditional" hostnames 
(non-case-sensitive, only a-z, 0-9, hyphen and underscore): there are lots of 
bonjour-enabled devces out there that have blank spaces in their mDNS 
hostnames. There are even *examples* of Bonjour using names with spaces.

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