[avahi] Modular Avahi releases?

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd at luon.net
Wed Apr 5 15:24:17 PDT 2006


  The avahi source tarball contains bindings for several languages.  Because 
  of the way debian works, this cause various problems (or well, overhead) for 
  us.  Especially the mono bindings seem to cause a lot of overhead (as mono
  itself still seems to be very much in flux)
  Would it be possible to split up avahi into several source release ? So one
  for avahi's core, one for the mono bindings, one for qt etc.. This would make
  our live as packages a lot easier. And for upstream it'll become a lot easier
  to do small releases for small fixes to a specific binding. Dbus is also
  going this route, which is something i'm really looking forward too. 
  If it's decided that a split-up is too much work, although i think it makes
  live easier for everyone, i'll probably start cutting up the source tarball
  for debian. But this is ofcourse sub-optimal

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