[avahi] Mutli-homed server problem

Stuart Morris yahoo at xover.co.uk
Tue Apr 25 23:33:52 PDT 2006

Thanks for the multicast tip. I'll give it a try.

On 25 Apr 2006, at 23:30, Lennart Poettering wrote:

> On Wed, 12.04.06 21:51, Stuart Morris (yahoo at xover.co.uk) wrote:
> Hi!
>> The machine I am running Avahi on (local name "ruth") has two IP
>> addresses: eth0 is a "real world" ip (e.g. and eth0:1 is
>> a private address (e.g.
>> Avahi appears to bind to both addresses. If I publish a web service
>> it shows up as ruth.local. but insists on returning the
>> IP address. As the service I'm trying to publish is for internal
>> consumption only and the web server is only listening on the internal
>> IP I really want it to return the internal IP.
>> So here is the question... How can I force Avahi to bind only to one
>> of the network devices and/or how can I force it to return the
>> internal IP address for ruth.local. ?
>> Or, have I misunderstood some fundamental zeroconf/Avahi principle?
> Avahi treats all network interfaces completely independently. It will
>  announce a host name record for the external IP address on the  
> external network (and only
>  there) and an another one for the internal IP address on the internal
> network (and only there).
> Unless you enabled some kind of bridging the address records for the
> external IP address should never be seen in the internal net and vice
> versa.
> On the machine itself it depends on the routing and chance which
> record is seen it which is not.
> Avahi currently doesn't allow you to disable specific interfaces by
> the name. However you can use a simple trick: Avahi will ignore
> interfaces that have no MULTICAST flag set.  Since you probably don't
> want to use any multicasting on the external interface anyway, just
> remove that flag ("ifconfig eth7 -multicast") and Avahi will never
> touch the device.
> Lennart
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